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That's What Happens to Kids at Glen Eden

Emotions are time travelers and sometimes rescuers are too. 

In September 2023 I realized that I could file a child abuse report about those who abused me as a child and hadn’t been reported, even 50 years later. The abusers could still be alive and have access to children! I called the Riverside Police Department and reported the abuse I remembered, including forcing me to be naked in front of them and everyone at Glen Eden Sun Club.

I also reported to the Riverside Sheriff's Department that Glen Eden nudist camp allows child abusers to take children to Glen Eden to be abused and groomed. 

In fact, isn’t it child molestation to be naked in front of children and making children get naked in front of adults and others? 

Glen Eden family nudist camp promotes itself as a family-friendly nudist resort. They think it's great that children and adults are naked in front of each other. In fact wearing clothes is not optional. Not even for children who didn’t want to get naked. I also explained to the Police officers that there were more pedophiles at Glen Eden—besides the ones that took me there. I, and other children, had to endure their abuse too.

Glen Eden nudist camp aided and abetted in my sexual abuse as a child. I never wanted to go, I didn’t want to be leered at, groped, or shamed, but that’s what happens to kids at Glen Eden. We all knew who the “doctor” was swimming in the pool, leering at us.  We warned each other. And after the hairy man groped me painfully, I tried to avoid him. But I couldn’t avoid the pedophiles who took me there, and then took me home. 

The normalization of being naked in front of each other is Glen Eden’s goal. I was indoctrinated from the youngest ages that everyone should be able to see your body. So, after I was groped or leered at, who was to go to for help?

The ones who took me there had already done the same and more—and the ones who provided the space, Glen Eden, told me by the naturist agenda that it’s no big deal if someone sees your nakedness. And when at home my abusers used the nudist philosophy to get my clothes off. No adults in my life protected me and the legal establishment of Glen Eden gave the pedophiles validation.

No one saved me from Glen Eden. 

But on that day in September 2023 when the sheriff deputy assigned to take my report couldn’t reach me—he went to Glen Eden. He didn’t know I was a 55-year-old woman, he just knew a child had been harmed at Glen Eden. Taken there by pedophiles. And not wanting to risk further injury to that child, he went to the gates and asked for me by name. 

A rescue 50 years late, just as valued now as it would have been then. Little Lisa sat in amazement, listening to the Sheriff ask if I was at Glen Eden. He was at the gate. He came to save me. A smile broke out on my face, and with joy pictured this policeman barging into Glen Eden and calling out to save me. Yes! Someone on my side! 

Tears started falling as I imagined how wonderful it would have felt for a police officer to come to me as a child, and throw a towel around me, pick me up and whisk me off to his patrol car. He would turn away as he handed me my clothes and let me get dressed with privacy. Respecting my wishes. That’s what would have happened if I was rescued as a child. 


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